6-Week Summer
Shred Transformation
Guaranteed to Lose at Least 10lbs in 6 Weeks or its FREE


Want to look great this summer but also want to live your life? Want the gym to be quick, effective and fun? How about not only losing weight quickly but keeping it off? We have the solution..


In our 6 week program you will:

  • Attend 3 group CrossFit classes per week (no experience needed)
  • Have a personal coach guide you through these class sessions

  • Be assigned a personal accountability coach to help you through each aspect of the program

  • Attend 1 personalized nutrition session per week

  • Receive a full body fat scan before and after the program (using an Inbody 570)

  • Be guaranteed to lose at least 10lbs in 6 weeks or its FREE


Plus, if you sign up for this program before June you will also receive these guides that you will be coached through during your nutrition sessions:

  • Summer “eating out” survival guide
  • 5 Minute meals – “Done for you” meals catered exactly to your calorie goals

  • “Calorie counting made easy” – so easy a 5 year old could do it

  • How to eat for your goals while still eating with your family (and not making multiple meals)


Do you struggle with:

We can help you look good & feel good!

CrossFit Training

Take your high-intensity, interval training to the next level with our elite functional fitness classes.

Endurance Training

Build your engine with our smooth, aerobic-based workouts and feel fit day-in and day-out.

Personal Training

Get the personalized attention you need to develop a custom workout that is the hybrid of everything you’re hoping to achieve.

Open Gym

Come and go as you please, working out at your pace and on your timeline. Our most convenient option.


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2 Sessions $5

The best way to see if we’re the right gym is to try us out. Take advantage of two sessions with us for just $5!


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Surround yourself with people who care. Our friendly and supportive community will help you get where you want to go and you’ll enjoy your company every step of the way.


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You have a plan and now you have a community. It’s time to get on the road to becoming the best version of yourself. It’ll be a challenging path but you’ll get there with MFLH Training at your side.

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Hear what our members have to say:

Bonnie A.

“I decided to join MFLH after ending a bad relationship that put me 40 lbs heavier and left me feeling lost. It had been quite a few years since I had worked out and I knew I needed to try something different.”

“What I have achieved is so much more than physical. I have lost over 30 pounds while also gaining an incredible amount of strength and coordination. Mentally, it has helped me get out of the depression and loneliness that I was experiencing. Beyond all that, I’ve gained friends that have truly become family. I would recommend MFLH because it’s not just a place to go and lift some weights. It’s a mindset. It’s a family. MFLH Training is a true community. They teach you how to take care of yourself from the inside out. They show you how to do it right while surrounding you with people that are both supportive and knowledgeable.”

Lisa W.

“I initially tried MFLH Training as some friends recommended it. They told me that this place has the best coaches with the best programming. What I found was an environment that cares about their community.”

“MFLH Training is a friendly gym where you feel at home, yet it has a competitive edge to it. While being at MFLH Training, I’ve experienced growth, a stronger me both physically and mentally. As funny as this sounds, I’ve developed a more confident me. I would recommend MFLH as it is a place you’ll be able to build strength, lose weight and actually enjoy doing so because of the community that surrounds you while doing it. It’s a positive environment. There’s no other place like MFLH Training.”

Carlos L.

“I tried MFLH Training because I really love CrossFit and my friend Howie was a member here. I wanted to try a new CrossFit gym. I have achieved my goal of getting in the best shape I possibly can even at my age of 52.”

“I am in better shape and feel better then I did when I was playing sports 20 years ago. MFLH Training has also given me the desire to make myself accountable with my nutrition. I would recommend MFLH Training to anyone of any age trying to improve their physical and emotional health and fitness. MFLH Training has the best coaching and programming, especially if you like to be competitive. With that being said, the diversity of people, the age range and fitness levels of the members are what makes the camaraderie of the gym awesome. The friendships that I made also contribute to my enjoying MFLH that much better.”