About CrossFit

There’s a good chance you ended up here by searching “CrossFit near me” or “Crossfit Suffolk County” on Google. Now that you’ve found us, welcome to MFLH Training! Many of you may not have a full understanding of CrossFit or what it entails. Others may already be familiar and just looking for a new gym. If you’re the latter, click on over and check out our workouts. If you’re the former, stick around here and we’ll tell you a little about CrossFit workouts and CrossFit gyms.

First off, CrossFit isn’t just a workout. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on taking everyday movements and turning them into an appropriate workout for your age, activity level, and body type while complementing your efforts with a nutrition-focused diet. Much of CrossFit’s benefit can be seen in the form of general health, improved strength, enhanced cardio fitness, and weight loss. You can learn more at if you’re looking for a more in-depth read.