Endurance Training

About Endurance Training

Are you looking for the best endurance training program in Long Island? Or maybe you’re just browsing around hoping to get a better understanding of what constitutes endurance training. Either way we’ve got you covered. MFLH Training isn’t exclusively a functional fitness facility. We also have an outstanding endurance training program here at our Ronkonkoma gym.

Endurance training is often described as working out to improve your aerobic capacity. In fact, this is how Wikipedia defines endurance training. These efforts would be optimized against your breathing and heart rate. There are two main types of endurance training. The first is known as cardiovascular endurance. This consists of running, biking, jumping rope, and other monostructural-focused exercises designed to improve aerobic endurance. The second type, known as muscular endurance, focuses on building your endurance for non-aerobic activity, such as high-intensity exercises and strength training.