Virtual Training

About Virtual Training

Virtual fitness, remote coaching, and remote fitness are all becoming standard phrases within the fitness community. With the pandemic limiting gym operations across the board, personal trainers and gym owners have had to rapidly adapt to stay relevant to their customers’ needs. It’s not the preferred mode of working out because it has its limitations, but it is a viable alternative and MFLH Training embraces any opportunity we have to keep our community together and living a fit life. Near or far.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote fitness coaching? On the plus side it’s very convenient for everyone because they don’t have to leave their home, it’s easier to schedule, and it’s safer than being in person amidst a pandemic. Unfortunately on the downside, your virtual coach can’t see you or your technique as well and the motivation may not hit you in the same way over your WiFi as it does in person. However, as with anything, a dedicated coach and a dedicated student can achieve anything despite some minor roadblocks.